Visit from the research group of CNCA in CCIC Bremen GmbH

On 10 Aug. 2015, a research group from China attended the CCIC Bremen GmbH to gain an insight into the use of PSI systems. Members of this group were the Deputy Director of CNCA Information Center Mr. Tang Zhang, Mr. Rui Wang, an engineer of Beijing China Certification and Accreditation Information Technology.Co., Ltd and Mr. Rui Chen, engineer of the CNCA Information Center.

Our deputy general manager Mr. Zhang Junxin, general manager assistant Mr. Zhen Chen, as well as employees from different departments attended this meeting.

The research group appreciated suggestions from our employees and promised to solve problems as soon as possible. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Junxin Zhang made a closing speech and thanked the research group for administrative and technical advice on PSI systems for our company.