Pre shipment inspection of recyclable solid waste

The resource department of CCIC Bremen is responsible for pre shipment inspection of recyclable solid waste.

In order to strengthen quality control of recyclable solid waste and to efficiently prevent waste and other pollutants to enter China, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (short: AQSIQ) requires pre shipment inspection for waste materials (recyclable resources).

Pre shipment inspection is obligatory for following products: waste paper, raw material waste, plastic waste, scrap metal, mixed metal, non-ferrous metals, spinning and weaving materials as well as several other product categories.

The pre shipment inspection conducted by our company is done strictly according to Chinese law and regulations. The products are examined according to hygiene and environmental regulations. If the commodity is according to relevant standards, we issue a pre shipment inspection certificate. The company can rely on that certificate when there are inspections taking place at a random port in China or when customs are declared.

This aims the goal of strengthening administration and supervision of quality of solid waste, to prevent harmful waste from getting into China. Currently, the CCIC Bremen offers pre shipment inspection of raw material waste in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Companies from the countries above, which want to export to China, after acquiring AQSIQ-license need to register at our resource department in order to conduct pre shipment inspection


Business process

1)      Registration


New customers, please send a scanned copy of “ AQSIQ-Licence for companies importing solid waste material from overseas“ 进口废物原料境外供货企业注册证书 to After examining the validity, our company provides you with relevant forms (application form, customer information form, description of goods) via email. Relevant documents concerning the registration can also be downloaded from our homepage. After completion of the documents, please send them, attached with pictures from the commodities prior to shipment to

Requirements for pictures are as follows:

  • The picture displays sincerely the requested commodities and shows characteristic features of the commodity.

After receiving the pictures, the responsible colleague will contact you in order to arrange a date for the inspection.

If it is your first time to be our customer, please send the customer information form back to us via email.

Instruction to fill out the pre shipment inspection form (concerning recyclable solid waste)

  1. Please go to http://CCICProjectWeb/ PSI first and register online. After registration you will be provided with a BI number. Please write this number on the pre shipment inspection form after: application number. It is important, that the online content and the written form are identical.


  1. Applicant ( name of the applicant)

2.1.     AQSIQ No (licence number) Please fill in your licence number.

2.2.    Applicant Name (name of the applicant) Please fill in your company name corresponding to the AQSIQ licence.

2.3.    Add/Country – please fill in your complete address and country. If the address changes, please inform the AQSIQ immediately. Only if the address on the AQSIQ certificate is changed, we can adjust other relevant documents.

2.4.    Contact person – phone and fax

  1. Trade goods

3.1.    Please give a detailed list of the content of the solid waste, according to the requirements in the form description of goods (in case of the strict regulations on paper waste, please fill in the concrete type of paper, e.g. OCC 90/10)

3.2.    HS Code

3.3.    Located place of products

3.4.    Quantity and mass

3.5.    Delivery and arrival port

3.6.    Detailed address of inspection ( Generally speaking, a change in inspection address is invalid)


Additional remarks

  1. Already approved applications and permission to ship need to keep in mind that goods need to be shipped within 90 days after approval. If the customer does not ship within 90 days and lacks of a valid explanation, the application expires and the certificate loses its legitimacy.
  2.  To provide you with efficient inspection service, all above information need to be correct and complete.


2)      Inspection

After the findings are approved by our authorised signatory, our company will inform you about the findings via email.



Important remark

If the customer ships its commodities, even though he did not get any information about his goods matching the inspection standards, our company won’t grant the certificate. All the responsibility now is carried out by the customer.


Customers, which commodities matching inspection standards, are obliged to ship within 90 days after receiving information. Please send the bill of lading to the responsible colleague as well as the notification number. Additionally, please set up an Excel document in which the container number, the size as well as the box number is noted and send them together with the bill of lading. If the customer finds any position on the bill of lading, which is not correct, please contact the shipping company immediately and make a correction. If you cannot make a correction, please hand in the bill of lading and at the same time, hand in a note, explaining the different position


4)      Issue of the Inspection Certificate


  1. The certificate will be issued after inspection and after the customer handed in all relevant documents.
  2. After all documents are complete, our company feeds the data into the PSI system and issues a draft certificate. This draft-certificate will be send to the customer via email. The customer has to confirm the certificate and add its postal address.
  3. The customer receives its original certificate.
  4. The period of validity is 90 days



5)      Payment and Transmission


  1. Our company developed a charging rate. Please contact our consulting department, if you need further information.
  2. For new customers: our company provides you with a scan of the bill. After payment, please contact our company and send a receipt of the bill to the responsible colleague. After receipt of the money, our company sends you the invoice and your certificate.
  3. Please note: when you settle the invoice, please add the invoice number, issued by our company.
  4.  The invoice as well as the certificate are generally send to the applicant.

6)      Concerning the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, the content of this webpage can be adjusted from time to time. Thank you for your cooperation. Simultaneously we hope we are able to provide you on time with the latest requirements, regarding pre shipment inspection of recyclable solid waste, on our homepage

Our obligation

While inspecting recyclable solid waste and without any received consent, our company won’t pass on relevant business information as well as business secrets to a third party.

We want to thank your company for trusting us. Despite pre shipment inspection of recyclable solid waste, our company offers several other inspection services as pre shipment inspection, pre shipment inspection of second hand machines, returned cargo inspection, cargo damage surveys, value appraisal and many more. We are looking forward to your inquiry

On several fields of expertise, our services guarantee customer satisfaction


Relevant material for application


  • Scan of the AQSIQ license (will be provided by our company prior to the first test)
  • Customer information sheet (will be provided by our company prior to the first test)
  • Registration form for pre shipment inspection ( recyclable solid waste – has to be provided every time)
  • Pictures of the commodity goods, prior to shipping (recyclable solid waste – has to be provided every time)


Documents in correlance




Registration form for pre shipment for recyclable solid waste

Description of goods

Customer information sheet