ISO 9000

In 1979 the International Organization for Standardization created the Committee for Quality Management and Quality Protection (TC 176) which was responsible for the development of standards in the field of quality management and quality protection. Since 1987 the ISO 9000 mark is in effect and was revised in 1994, 2000 and 2008 which contributed to form the mark which is known today as ISO 9001:2008 mark. The standards of the 2008 mark include a group of norms which correlate closely with the core standards of quality management.

  • ISO 9000 Quality management systems—Fundamentals and vocabulary
  • ISO 9001 Requirements of quality management
  • ISO 9004 Managing for the sustained success of an organization. A quality management approach
  • ISO 19011 Handbook for management audits in the fields of quality and environmental management.

ISO 9000 marks are a worldwide collection of scientific experience of industrial nations in the field of quality management. They are put into practice for nearly every kind of product and type of company. Implementation of ISO 9000 marks can improve the quality management system of a company significantly and lead to perfection. The enlargement of the management level of an organisation can impose a positive impact on the whole organisation.

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