Geographical Origin Certification



The Geographical Origin certification displays the place of origin of a product (the place of production or creation) and generates an important signal for transparency. This certificate of the CCIC Bremen GmbH acknowledges the primary origin of a product and acts as a “passport of origin”



This certificate is used for foreign products, which are going to be exported to China.



This certificate is used for Chinese products, which are going to be exported to foreign countries.


Functions and advantages of the Geographical Origin Certification


  1. Identifies the origin of your product
  2. Acknowledges quality and trustworthiness of your product
  3. Increase in sales and strengthening of competitiveness
  4. Can effectively strengthen your position on international markets as well as in negotiations
  5. Consumers tend to buy products, which display information from their origin
  6. Strengthens the trust of consumers
  7. You can enter into the CCIC published list of products with Geographical Origin Certification and will be updated regularly.