The Standards of Creditability Certification of Food Enterprises

Food secures the existence of humans and is as well the base for progress. A Chinese saying is “Food is heaven for the people”. Food security has a huge influence on the daily life of the people. It does not only affect health and survival, but also influences social stability and economic progress of every country. Even though a huge amount of countries passed laws and regulations concerning food security, there are still incidents which occur in the field of food security. As a result of the worldwide globalisation, the circulation of trade in goods becomes faster, the extent widens, and the situation of food security in the world stays unstable. Every year, millions of people become sick as a result of contaminated food. Many even lose their lives.

The root of contaminated food can be traced back to two main factors. The first is a quality and security management system for food which is inefficient. The other factor is, concerning companies, a lack of business ethics. Facing these problems, the CCIC Bremen GmbH organized a special task force and developed “The Standards of Creditability Certification for Food Enterprises”. It is a service certification standard for food speciality, developed by CCIC Bremen GmbH with reference to the relevant food safety laws, regulations and standards in the EU, United States, Japan and China, integrating the usual practices in international trade and based on a comprehensive audit of the “legitimacy, safety and integrity” of the food enterprises.

We hope that enactment and promotion of “The Standard of Creditability Certification for Food Enterprises” can rebuild the consumers’ and regulators’ confidence in food enterprises, and improve food safety awareness and the sense of social responsibility of food enterprises as well as earn recognition form consumer market and authorities. With this certificate, we eliminated potential dangers during each stage of the process from “pasture to dining table” in order to assist consumers to buy reliable and healthy food.

With the Standards to standardize the quality safety in food production.

With commitment to restrict the moral baseline of food enterprises.

  • The Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Foods

In the future, China aims to become the biggest importer of food in the world. To consciously strengthen the supervision of food importing companies is an inevitable demand to guarantee a raise in quality of imported food, as well as the need to integrate Chinese food companies in international trade. On 21.06.2011 the AQSIQ passed the “The Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food” which came into effect on 1.5.2012. Simultaneously, the implementation of a creditability system, in which food companies had to register, took place. The Standards for Creditability Certification for Food Enterprises closely incorporates the requirements of “The Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food”. The audit, which will be undertook is legitimate and sincere and acknowledges quality administration as well as commercial creditability. The result of the audit is recognized by the CNCA. Companies which undertook this audit, are certified by CCIC Bremen with “The Standards of Creditability Certification for Food Enterprises”. During the registration for the import of overseas manufactured food at the CNCA, it serves as a key basis of trustworthiness.

  • Focus points of creditability certification

1、sincere information policy

2、legitimacy and conformity

3、the Company already acquired other certificates, displaying food security

4、administration of business reputation

5、risk management during the manufacturing process of food

6、administration of food label

7、investigating the source of food quality

8、Call-back of problematic food

9、Corporate social responsibility

  • General process of Certification