Organic Certification

Ecological agriculture follows specific principals of agricultural production. The use of genetic engineering in organisms as well as in the finished product, is not applied in the production process. Additionally, the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, feed supplements and other materials also is not applied. It follows the law of nature and ecological principles and balances the plant production and fish farming. It utilizes sustainable farming technology and preserves an ongoing stability of production system and production method in the agricultural sector.

Organically grown products are produces and processed according to the National Organic Standards. They provide humans and animals with full-fledged products. The process of organic certification includes application, accepting and on-site inspection as well as randomized inspection, an evaluation, according to the relevant norm and an after inspection. The certificate is valid for 12 months. Three months prior to expiration, a new application has to be filed.

According to regulations of the AQSIQ, a product, which does not obtain the Chinese organic certification, is not allowed to be sold as an organic product in China. CCIC Bremen GmbH provides you with excellent consultation and auditing service which is conducted according to the Chinese GB/T19630 requirements. The localized service benefits to safe time as well as costs.

We help your organic products to go smoothly on the Chinese market!