The Standard for Child-friendly Certification

When children grow up, questions for safety and health begin to centre in our head. Children’s playgrounds include education facilities, living communities, places of leisure and entertainment, sport and play areas, cultural facilities, shopping areas, dining places, accommodation, health facilities and passenger transport sites. It was a basic demand, to define the determinations and essential requirements for the Standard for Child-Friendly Certification. Using the Star Ratings of Child-Friendly Facilities as a foundation, facilities getting tested on their degree of child-friendliness.

According to the results, the facility gets rated in three different categories. Three stars, four stars, five stars. The higher the qualification, the more child-friendly is the facility.

The Standard for Child-friendly Certification wants to raise worldwide awareness for the safety of children in order to abolish all potential dangers for children, to assure a healthy and safe growing up process in a secure environment. Since April 2013 the accreditation of playgrounds for children from CCIC Bremen is tentatively in effect. We are glad to inform you. During probation time we allow a discount.

  • Flow chart for child-friendly certification


Relevant documents

Consultation handbook for child-friendly certification

Promotion book for child-friendly certification (Chinese)

Promotion book for child-friendly certification (English)


  • Download relevant forms

Application form for child-friendly certification

  • The Standard for Child-Friendly Certification

Nowadays our company already published a “Standard for Child-Friendly Certification“. It is written in Chinese, as well as in English and German. Please contact us for further information!


Chinese Book: 20 RMB(without postage)
English/German Book: 9.8 Euro(without postage)


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