CCIC Bremen GmbH receives formal accreditation of DAKKS

On March 1st 2016 the CCIC Bremen GmbH formally received a certificate with the registration-number: D-ZM-19860-01-00 stating the official accreditation from the DAKKS (German Accreditation institution). This finally declares the CCIC Bremen as an independent third party certification institution. Since the DAKKS is a member of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and at the same time is a signatory of the MLA, the CCIC Bremen is now entitled to – according to the regulations – to use the label of DAKKS as well as IAF on their certificates. The usage of this two labels contributes to our attempts on the international market and eases the breakthrough of technological as well as commercial trade barriers.

Our general manager Mr. Xiuming Huang declares:

“The certificate is an observable result of the actively supported premise of the leaders of CCIC Group, especially chairman of the board Ji Jingan “extend the market, with fast innovations to new horizons”

The certificate does not only proof the CCIC Bremen as the only branch office of the CCIC group which can officially issue ISO9000 management certifications. Moreover it shows clearly the continuous will to improve our service, and proactively extend our business fields for a worldwide competitiveness. “

General Manager Huang further explains: „CCIC Bremen will actively extend our market share, and continuously extend our customer share. We will continuously improve and transform our business services. In the future the CCIC Bremen will act according to our group premise “providing real data, improving customer value”. The international circumstances and national laws will faithfully be respected and the certification services for every company – including governmental institutions – will be professional to ensure the national and international value of the certification.”

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