China Compulsory Certification -(CCC)

In December 2001, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ) together with the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People´s Republic of China (CNCA) issued the Regulations for this Compulsory Product Certification (CCC). It is the statutory compulsory safety certification system and the basic approach to safeguard the consumers’ rights and interests and protect the personal and property safety, which is adopted widely by international organizations.The Compulsory Product Certification System began to replace the original Quality License System for Commodity Inspection and Safety Certification System for Electrical Equipment. According to the regulations, the first CCC catalogue consists of 19 categories of products and 132 varieties e.g. electric wires and cables, low-voltage electrical apparatus, household and similar electric appliances, audio and video apparatus, motor vehicles and safety parts, agricultural machinery as well as medical devices. Concerning this regulations from March 1st. 2003, products which on the catalogue, are only allowed to be imported, sold or used in business activities within China, after they applied and where granted a 3C certificate.

On December 11th 2012 the CNCA rearranged the tables of description and distinction for Products. This happened in order to define the scope of the 3C certification more precise, as well as to regulate their implementation, control and administration. The original catalogue becomes expanded to 22 categories of products and 157 varieties.

Being the first subsidiary company of the CCIC group in Europe, CCIC Bremen GmbH started training their employees in 3C certification in 2008. Several colleagues acquired various qualifications as inspectors for different areas. These areas include automobile {fuel tanks, safety belts, seats, Extenalr lighting and light signaling devices} toys made of metal, electric tools, household appliances, lighting Electrical Appliances and tires.
Concerning 3C certification, CCIC Bremen GmbH offers following services:

1. Application and Consultation
We offer the full service package to you. This includes application and consultation of the 3C certificate, resulting in fast and stress-free acquiring of your 3C certificate.

2. Translation and Interpretation
Our company employs professional translators. They will, according to your needs, be responsible for accurate translation of technical documents or system documents in Chinese, English or German.
Moreover we provide you with on-site professional interpretation service during the factory inspection.

3. Training
We organize training programs concerning 3C certification. These training programs will be held by experts in the field of 3C certification.

4. Technical Assistance
Prior to the final factory inspection, we offer a trial inspection. We provide assistance for establishing your 3C Quality system Documentation. We assist you detecting criteria, which do not meet the 3C requirment, yet and contribute to their correction.

5. Technical Documentation
We provide you with technical up-to-date information, including e.g. technical standards and implementation rules.


6. Other Services
We provide you with the CCC Mark Service (Ordering Standard Label or applying for Print-approval for the CCC Mark) and advise you in further related business matters around CCC.

Additionally, we offer you a service package for application and consultation of other international certification such as CE, CB, RoHs, PSE and so on.

If you have any questions about CCC Certificate please download and fill the “CCC product information” below.

CCC Product Information

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