Assessment and Training led by AQSIQ Pre-shipment Inspection Group

On 2nd November 2015, a research group from AQSIQ visited the CCIC Bremen GmbH. They organized a training on the subject of pre-shipment inspection for importing used mechanical and electrical products and led a surveillance audit in this area in our company.

The audit was carried out in our company with respect to the mechanical and electrical products in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17020 and other regulations. Subsequently, the audit group made a positive assessment of our workflow and provided some suggestions for improvement.

During the training, the teachers and the employees of our company had plenty of time for interaction. The employees told about their problems and difficulties in practice. The teachers appreciated many suggestions from our employees and promised to solve the problems after returning to China. At the end of the training and auditing,the deputy manager of CCIC Bremen GmbH, Mr. Zhang Junxin made a closing speech and thanked the research group for administrative and technical consultancy relating to pre-shipment inspection of used mechanical and electrical products of our company.