A great breakthrough for our foodstuff certification service

Some days ago the CCIC Bremen GmbH conducted a Chinese Organic certification for the well-known Indonesian fruit manufacturing and processing company PT. Nusantara Exotic Agro and will issue the relevant certificate in the near future. Our vice director Mr. Zheshuo Liu – annotated and registered organic inspector by the CCAA – left for Indonesia to participate in the on-site inspection. In the first Chinese organic project for CCIC Bremen, the cooperation with the PT. Nusantara Exotic Agro also meant a great breakthrough for our foodstuff related certifications.

Our food related certifications imply HACCP certification, Food Enterprise Credibility certification, Chinese organic certification as well as relevant registration service within the food territory. These services are the focus point of a string of marketization services which are pushed out by our company. Within the last year companies from Germany, England, Australia, Latvia and Romania passed our certification and received a HACCP as well as Food Enterprise Credibility certificate. Since 2015 our company also has a Chinese organic certification inspector. With that in mind we energetically want to extend the organic certification service and step in a new territory with our foodstuff certification service, diversify our development and furthermore increase assistance.

At the moment, despite of PT. Nusantara Exotic Agro, are many more companies which expressed their wish to cooperate and bring hope that the Chinese organic certification becomes our new highlight spot.